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Dated: 09/04/2019

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Fall in Love With These 5 Rustic Bedroom Looks Trending on Instagram This Week

By  | Aug 23, 2019

Although it still feels a bit too early for pumpkin spice lattes, fall is, undeniably, around the corner. And nowhere is that more apparent than on Instagram this week, where cozy and rustic looks reigned supreme—especially in the bedroom.

That's right—the most popular bedroom posts on Instagram this week all evoke a gorgeous farmhouse chic vibe. What's more? You can not only steal these looks for yourself, but in most cases you can DIY them, too.

Keep reading to see what's trending on Instagram this week and find out how to make your space cozier, just in time for autumn.

1. Farmhouse chic headboard


This repost of @the.simple.farmhouse by @countryhomemagazine is the perfect fix for just about any cabin fever.

“It's easy to see why the cabin headboard is popular—it provides warmth, texture, and sculptural interest in the bedroom, without being overly pricey,” says Vivien Hulbert, owner of home decor blog Posh Pennies.

Get the look: A bonus to this look, Hulbert says, is that it's incredibly easy to replicate, especially if you have a nearby Home Depot or lumber yard. Just check out this DIY from Home Made Lovely. Or, if getting to work with a hammer and nails isn’t your idea of fun, you can also shop these rustic headboards from Etsy.

2. Year-round blooms

This flower wall from @astoldbymichelle, reposted by @design_your_spaces, is a great way to enjoy your favorite blooms all year long, no watering required.

“A flower wall is an attractive way to adorn your walls without having to buy artwork, which can get pricey really quick,” Hulbert says.

The flowers are also incredibly easy to rearrange in multiple designs across your walls, so if you ever get sick of them and need a new look, you could even take them off the walls and pop them in a favorite vase.

Get the look: Shop your favorite flowers from the faux collections at Michaels or, if your budget allows, opt for higher-end faux blooms like those found on Fox Flowers.

To hang your flowers vertically, buy some clear fishing line and loop it around the head of the flower, and then hang it with a small nail or hook.

3. The giant table at the end of your bed that you never knew you needed

We’ve all heard of the bedside table—and probably smacked into it enough to never forget it—but what about the end-of-the-bed table? This rustic table from @____svenjaa, reposted by @litlifelights, might just be our new favorite bedroom look, perfect for storing books and displaying decor.

“This table creates visual depth to the space, especially if you face the foot of the bed upon entering the room,” says Kathryn Nelson, principal and owner of Kathryn Nelson Design.

Get the look: “People can easily replicate this look by purchasing a live-edge slab of wood and attaching four hairpin legs,” Hulbert says.

Live-edge slabs are usually sold locally, so the best way to find them is to just Google "live edge wood" and see what comes up in your area, Hulbert suggests.

If you want something already assembled, you can shop custom designs at Etsy, or go for a more affordable version of this table at Overstock.

4. Rustic pallet bed

Who says bed frames have to be expensive? Definitely not interior blogger @jellinadetmar, whose photo of this ultrachic DIY pallet bed, was recently reposted by @modernbedspace.

“Pallet beds are seeing a big surge in popularity because low-profile, platform beds are perfect for laid-back, bohemian-style bedrooms,” Hulbert says. “The simplicity of a pallet bed is genius, because even if you can't find the pallets for free, they’re incredibly cheap to buy.”

Get the look: Find the perfect set of pallets in your area for next to nothing using sites like this one. Once you have your bed all set up, top off the look with sleek and smooth end tables, to juxtapose the rough and rustic look of the pallet.

5. Cozy reading corner

If you haven’t given much consideration to how you’ll be spending your first fall weekends, might we suggest setting up a bedroom reading corner as dreamy as this one? This little nook created by @iammissmistake (and reposted by @earthychildren) has given us all sorts of ideas about lazy Saturdays spent sipping warm drinks.

“Even the smallest homes can carve out a cozy reading nook,” Hulbert says. “Having a little corner to escape to in your home where you can go to feel calm is one of the easiest and most satisfying things you can do.”

Get the look: To get this look, Nelson recommends styling your corner with various throw pillows, blankets, and maybe even a stylish reading lamp or two. Then all you need are a few books and a hot drink—but we’ll leave that part up to you.

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